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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement services offered in Union City and Dyersburg, TN

Joint replacement restores range of motion and reduces pain when you have damaged joints that severely limit your quality of life. Michael Calfee, MD, and Paxton Sisson, PA-C, of Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Union City and Dyersburg, Tennessee, provide the best in pre- and post-operative care, so you recover quickly and get back to doing the activities you love. Call the nearest location today or use the online website to find out if you’re a candidate for joint replacement.

Joint Replacement Q&A

What is involved in joint replacement?

If you have damaged components in your joints that limit daily movements and cause serious pain, a joint replacement offers a solution. It replaces your damaged joint components with artificial implants. Once you’re healed, the implants act just like your natural joint so you get relief from pain and most movement limitations. 

At Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, the team commonly restores the hip, knee, and shoulder joints. A joint replacement is usually recommended when you have an arthritic condition or injury. 

What is the difference between a total joint replacement and a partial joint replacement?

A total joint replacement replaces the entire joint, while a partial joint replacement just replaces the damaged or diseased parts. After a thorough consultation and evaluation of your joint, your specialist will recommend what is right for you.

Am I a good candidate for joint replacement?

The team at Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine team recommends joint replacement when more conservative treatments have been unsuccessful in getting you relief from joint stiffness, pain, and limited mobility. Conservative treatments that may be tried first include physical therapy, joint injections, and medication. 

What is involved in joint replacement surgery?

Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine perform surgeries at Baptist Hospital and the Union City Surgery Center. Many patients are eligible for outpatient joint replacement surgery, meaning you go home the same day as your procedure to recover. 

Your surgeon uses minimally invasive techniques to remove diseased or damaged parts of your joint and replace them with synthetic parts. This involves small incisions, reduced blood loss, and a lower risk of complications than joint replacement surgeries of the past. 

What should I expect during recovery from joint replacement surgery?

Everyone’s recovery is slightly different and depends on their overall health and the joint replaced. You will need some help with daily activities and chores for the first few days after your procedure. You should plan to have a loved one or friend be there for you, or arrange to stay in a surgical recovery facility. 

Replacements of the knee and hip mean you’ll need some help getting around with a walker or scooter. You will not be able to drive for several days or even weeks. 

You will also have some pain after joint replacement surgery, but the team at Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offer medications and other strategies to minimize your discomfort. You’ll need time to recover from your surgery and should avoid physical activity. 

Your surgeon provides physical therapy and home exercise programs to help you restore function and build the strength necessary to support your new joint. During regular follow-up visits, your surgeon monitors your healing and advises you on when you can return to full function. 

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